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  • Reduce or eliminate pain. Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization can reduce pain and prevent it from returning. 
  • Decrease costs.  Choosing a private practice physical therapist can help reduce the costs of your healthcare by thousands of dollars.
  • Avoid surgery. If physical therapy helps you eliminate pain or heal from an injury, surgery may not be needed. And even if surgery is required, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy. 
  • Improve mobility. If you’re having trouble standing, walking or moving—physical therapy can help. 
  • Recover from or prevent a sports injury. Physical therapists can design appropriate recovery and prevention programs for you to ensure a safe return to your sport. 
  • Improve your balance and prevent falls. Therapists will provide exercises that safely and carefully challenge your balance as a way to mimic real-life situations. 
  • Manage diabetes and vascular conditions. Transform can provide exercises and meal planning that can help effectively control blood sugar. 
  • Manage age-related issues. Physical therapists are experts in helping patients recover from joint replacement, and manage arthritic or osteoporotic conditions.
  • Manage heart and lung disease. For heart disease and pulmonary problems, Transform can help improve quality of life through strengthening, conditioning and breathing exercises.
The time to act is now
Your health should not wait!
The time to act is now
Your health should not wait!
“Transform Rehab is THE place to be in the Lehigh Valley, hands down”
These people are THE BEST. Intuitive, conscientious and laser-tuned to you. Watch you like hawks. You will make progress and enjoy it. They fixed me. I'm actually in better shape than before my accident, thanks to their fastidious care and caring way. Highly recommend if you need PT.
Chris S.

Physical therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical practice geared towards reducing and/or eliminating discomfort that prevents you from desired levels of activity. Most people will need physical therapy at some point in their lifetime, and Transform Rehabilitation of the Lehigh Valley offers a number of facilities and even at home care designed to meet your specific needs. We are the convenient, affordable, personalized alternative to Lehigh Valley physical therapy in Allentown PA.

You may not be as familiar with us as some of the bigger names like St Luke’s physical therapy, and Good Shepherd rehab Allentown PA. You’ve probably searched for Lehigh Valley health network locations to find a physical therapy facility not associated with LVHN, which includes LVHN physical therapy Trexlertown and LVHN physical therapy Easton PA, or you’ve simply searched “physical therapy near me”. Either way, you’ve likely seen the other choices which will include many other providers as well.

Why Choose Transform Rehabilitation as your Physical Therapy Provider?

Aside from our One on One Care, All Major Health Carrier Acceptance, available House Calls, and Wellness Centered Approach…choose Transform’s private practice for a More Affordable, Personalized Approach with the best knowledge and expertise. We can help you because we understand Physical Therapy is not only used after injury or to help with recovery following surgery. Age related aches and pains can be helped and even reversed with physical therapy, and the likelihood of a fall can be greatly reduced through flexibility and balance training. When looking for a provider, you probably googled “physical therapy near me“, to find a facility that best fits your needs.

Medical Issues Our Physical Therapy Can Help With

Medical issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic diseases that impact mobility, like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy can also benefit from physical therapy. Patients can experience improved function and a better quality of life with increased independence by completing balance and flexibility exercises.

Reduce Needed Surgery and Boost Recovery with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can also play an important role in avoiding the need for surgery. Many injuries result in inflammation which leads to pain and difficulties with mobility. Physical therapists use special techniques to reduce inflammation and not only relieve pain, but often reverse the condition or stop any progression, eliminating the need for surgery. When surgery is necessary, pre surgery therapy can be beneficial to build strength, which aids in a faster recovery.

Searching Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown PA and Lehigh Valley physical therapy Bethlehem PA will provide you with many physical therapy facilities to choose from. St. Luke’s physical therapy and Good Shepherd physical therapy are just two providers most have heard of, but our new, growing practice may well be the better alternative for you.

Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular Fitness

Physical therapy can also improve cardiovascular fitness for those suffering from heart disease or recovering from cardiac surgery. Low impact exercise like walking, cycling, and light weight training can improve cardiovascular fitness and lessen the risk for future related medical issues. Breathing exercises, strengthening, and conditioning can be effective ways to manage a variety of pulmonary conditions. Check out Transform’s Lehigh Valley health network locations for physical therapy facilities near me if you need help in these areas.

Helping All Generations, Regular People, and Athletes

Statistics show that baby boomers make up the bulk of physical therapy patients, due to age related aches and pains, usually the result of overuse and normal wear and tear. Younger athletes are another large group requiring physical therapy when suffering from sports related injuries. Athletes benefit from programs targeted at rebuilding strength, improving mobility, and managing pain after injury. You can visit a one of our convenient Lehigh Valley health network locations in both Whitehall and New Tripoli. We are conveniently located in the some of same buildings as some of the larger therapy and fitness centers.

Physical Therapy to Help Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain are very common conditions for which people seek out the help of a physical therapist. Therapists utilize various techniques, including ultrasound and electric stimulation to alleviate discomfort. There are manual techniques like soft tissue and joint mobilization which can also be used. If you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain, visiting one of our therapists after searching Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown PA or having sub par experiences in the past with other providers like Coordinated or St Luke’s physical therapy can help you to feel better and get back on track quickly.

Types of Therapy – InPatient OutPatient by Severity of Injuries

Depending on the severity of an injury, patients often undergo physical therapy on an inpatient basis in a skilled nursing facility or inpatient rehabilitation facility after they are discharged from the hospital. This type of therapy is usually reserved for those requiring skilled care before they can safely return to their homes and take care of themselves. We unlike most providers offer In Home Physical Therapy, but if you or a family member requires inpatient physical therapy, LVHN inpatient rehab is a well-known provider in the Lehigh Valley.

Patients who do not require InPateint care, but do need some extra help with physical therapy home assistance to take care of themselves, can either schedule a home session with us or visit one of our outpatient facilities for their physical therapy needs. Therapy typically consists of stretching, manipulation of the painful area by a therapist, and exercises using fitness equipment. The goal of physical therapy at this level is to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort, allowing the patient to return to normal activity. Good Shepherd outpatient rehab Allentown PA, Good Shepherd Bethlehem, and Good Shepherd rehab Allentown are well-known Inpatient providers in the Lehigh Valley. Good Shepherd also has locations outside of the Valley, including Good Shepherd rehab Stroudsburg PA and Good Shepherd Souderton.

Physical therapy is very common; however, there are other types of therapy available depending on the condition to be treated.

Types of Therapy

Physical Therapy vs Occupational Therapy

At Transform, we are not Occupational therapists, but do want you to understand how these professionals can help patients who have difficulties with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing. Occupational Therapy is also appropriate for those who cannot perform their job duties or participate in recreational activities, as this therapy focuses on fine motor and cognitive skills that allow patients to perform meaningful activities. Occupational therapists focus on providing alternate methods of performing tasks, and treatment may include problem solving, organization, and social skills in addition to physical exercise.If you’re looking for occupational therapy Lehigh Valley, there are many facilities to choose from. Good Shepherd occupational therapy is a well-known provider of this service.

Speech Therapy

If you have difficulties swallowing or need help to communicate better, you may benefit from speech therapy. There are many Lehigh Valley health network locations that specialize in speech therapy.

Physical Therapy & Associated Conditions

Physical therapy is associated with conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. Tendon, muscle, and cartilage damage, and osteoarthritis are the most common ailments treated by physical therapists. Programs are also created to target balance and flexibility and conditions associated with chronic illness which comprise another large category treated with this type of therapy. Licensed physical therapists are trained to determine if symptoms might be the result of a condition outside of the musculoskeletal system and will refer you to your physician for further evaluation if this is the case. If you require inpatient physical therapy, be sure to visit a well-known facility like Good Shepherd physical therapy located at 850 South Fifth Street Allentown, PA 18103 or one of the many Lehigh Valley health network locations in the Lehigh Valley.

What to Expect When Beginning Physical Therapy

You may be intimidated by the prospect of going to physical therapy. It’s helpful to understand what to expect during your first visit and how to prepare. It’s recommended that you arrive at the facility 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete necessary paperwork that will be reviewed by your therapist before the start of your session. Be sure to bring appropriate identification, a list of medications you are taking, and your current health insurance card. Also have your doctor’s prescription, if needed. You can call ahead at any of the Lehigh Valley health network locations to confirm your appointment and ask what you need to bring.

It’s best to wear loose fitting clothing so that you can comfortably complete stretches and range of motion exercises during your session. This will also allow your therapist to visually evaluate your condition and touch the affected area.

Your therapist will want to understand what caused your injury or discomfort, and what activities are affected. Gaining insight into your medical history, including any past surgeries, current medications, and alternate treatments will provide the background necessary to create an effective and safe therapy plan. It’s also important for your therapist to understand your treatment goals so they’re aligned with the program. So remember to bring up your goals and concerns, and don’t forget to write down and ask any questions you have.

Your first visit will also consist of the therapist evaluating the range of motion of the affected area and taking precise measurements to track improvement as you complete your program. Measurements can also help to determine the health of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

After a thorough evaluation of your medical history and review of the information gathered throughout your session, your therapist will develop a customized physical therapy program specific to your goals. Your program may include light weight training, aerobic exercise, stretching, and strengthening, all designed to improve your mobility and decrease discomfort. Many people have used Transform’s Lehigh Valley health network locations successfully to reach their rehabilitation goals.

Your physical therapist will be using various techniques to increase your muscle strength and flexibility. It’s normal to feel discomfort after your visit, but as you progress through the program and your muscles become stronger, you’ll start to notice your discomfort decrease.

If you’ve had an injury or have pain that interferes with your regular activities and limits your mobility, it would be an ideal time to consult with one of our physical therapists. Remember to reach out to us after you’ve searched for physical therapy near me to find our facility in the Lehigh Valley. We can provide the level of care you need to restore function, reduce or eliminate your discomfort, and get you back on track.

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