Whitehall Manor Senior Living Home in Pennsylvania

The beautiful Whitehall Manor is an assisted living home located on 1177 6th Street, Whitehall, PA 18052. It is one of the most well known local senior living homes. The Whitehall Manor provides the following services to its residents.

• Personal care
• Independent living
• Memory care
• Assisted living

The Mission of Whitehall Manor
The primary mission of Whitehall Manor is to provide quality senior living facilities to its residents. At Whitehall Manor, you feel the sense of being in a caring family environment. It remains open 24 hours a day for helping the local live in residents of the Lehigh Valley area.

The highly experienced staff provides special care to older adults. They provide help in their bathing, clothing, and grooming. They try to make people feel relaxed and calm in difficult times.

Coronavirus in Nursing Homes of PA
Nowadays, as we all know, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the World. Almost every country and most of it’s states or territories are getting infected due to this virus. As a result, many of the corona cases have been observed in the nursing homes of Pennsylvania.

According to Lehigh county’s report of May 20, 2020, there are 15 Whitehall Manor coronavirus cases with 5 deaths. In addition to this, there are 6 staff cases as well. Whitehall Manor works hard to mitigate cases of coronavirus among it’s residents and staff.

Whitehall Manor Careers
If you want to become an active member of this professional community, you can apply for jobs directly with the facility. The main goal of Whitehall manor is to provide a family environment to its residents.

Contact Details
If you have an emergency at any time, Whitehall Manor is available for you with the following information. The phone number Whitehall Manor phone number is 610-434-9999 and the email address is info@whitehallmanor.com.

Manors of the Lehigh Valley
There are 4 Manors Manors of the Lehigh Valley which are all providing excellent services to the residents.
• Parkland Manor
• Bethlehem Manor
• Whitehall Manor
• Saucon Valley Manor

The Parkland Manor is a senior living home located on 4636 Crackersport Rd, Allentown, PA 18104. It offers quality physical and personal care to the residents. Tours are available daily. You can visit this manor anytime.

The Bethlehem Manor is another nursing home located in Bethlehem, PA 18018. Like other nursing houses, it also entertains its residents by various events and facilities. The Bethlehem Manor phone number is 610-841-8888.

The Saucon Valley Manor is a personal care home located in Hellertown, PA 18055. It is very famous among the residents of Saucon valley. A peaceful and comfortable environment is provided to the people.

Sacred Heart Senior Living is a very popular nursing home located in Pennsylvania. It has a highly qualified staff that controls and maintains various functions of the home. They treat mentally retarded people and give them special attention.

Other Assisted Living Homes to visit near Pennsylvania
In addition to the above-mentioned homes, many other places are providing valuable services to the residents.

Whitehall Manor, Somerset, NJ is a condominium complex located in Franklin Township. This manor is divided into several parts and each part of the building is separately owned. It provides basic needs and transportation facilities to its residents.

Heather Glen senior living is another famous assisted living facility in Pennsylvania. It provides personal and mental care to old adults. If you live near Allentown, you can contact them anytime. The phone number is 610-841-4478.

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