What is the purpose of practicing Tai Chi?

What is the purpose of practicing Tai Chi? The purpose of practicing Tai Chi is not to focus on one small aspect, rather it’s about envisioning the bigger picture including your long-term health goals.  The three major components of Tai Chi that we will look closer at are Tai Chi for health, Tai Chi for meditation and Tai Chi for self-defense. Focusing too much on one aspect will leave you disappointed. Having the right intention behind Tai Chi is just as important as the practice itself!

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When I first started practicing Tai Chi, I was a 20 year old kid hoping to get moving again after Lyme disease sapped my energy dry. Months went by where I was unable to get out of bed most days. I felt like an exhausted sloth with joint pain all over and crushing headaches. In my first Taichi class, I was the youngest person by 40 years and felt 40 years older than everyone in class! I was astounded at how graceful people 2 or 3 times my age moved.  They could balance better than I could. They controlled each of their limbs with coordination and precision I never knew possible. This is the power of Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi makes your golden years golden. Many of us have seen others who worked their entire lives and were unable to enjoy their golden years due to chronic pain, medical issues and injury.  

As I grow older, I want to be independent. I want to take care of my physical well-being on a daily basis in everyday tasks. I want to go for walks and travel. I want to see my children and my childrens’ children grow up. This is the major reason why I practice Tai Chi; so I may enjoy my golden years with energy to devote to family and friends. 

Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of regular Tai Chi practice such as normalizing blood pressure, improving stress levels, increased mental clarity, improved balance, coordination and bone mineral density. The movements are low impact and help reduce the impact of arthritis. Once the forms are learned, you can take the practice anywhere. A few minutes a day goes a long way towards increasing longevity and improving your quality of life! It is my goal to get as many people practicing Tai Chi as possible to make long term health an accessible goal for all!

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