Guide to Troxell-Steckel House & Farm Museumin Whitehall/Egypt

If you are someone who loves to explore historical places then there is certainly one place that is quite different from the forts and the war memorials. When you are in Pennsylvania there are so many historical as well as recreational places you can visit. If you happen to visit Allentown then you must visit its suburb for some historical treat. Troxell-Steckel house and Farm Museum is one such place that has a rich history behind it.

It is located in Egypt PA, an unincorporated community in Whitehall Township in Lehigh County in the State of Pennsylvania. Because of its rich history, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It was built in the year 1756 and is a 2 ½ story building having Pennsylvania-German style architecture. You can visit this place any time of the year but if you want to see something extra then visit TroxellSteckel House Christmas time. It is a different place altogether in the festive season.

So Many Other Local Parks for Locals/Tourists in Whitehall

There are so many parks around Troxell-Steckel House-Farm Museum. Some of them are very large in area while some hosts a lot of activities. Many of the parks are located in Lehigh County and all of the Lehigh County parks are big and host several activities for the locals as well as tourists from other States. See the list of parks in the Whitehall area below.

• Jordan Park Whitehall, PA: If you are in for a relaxed outdoors then Jordan Park in Whitehall is something you cannot miss to visit. There are various sports fields to play and watch all sorts of games. Outdoor swimming pool and picnic grove make it a good place to hang-out with kids.
• South Mountain Big Rock Park Allentown, PA: Spread in an area of 77 acres, the best attraction in South Mountain Big Rock Park is the Bauer Rock. You can see this amazing natural formation after a short walk from the parking. It is a good place for hiking and nature study.
• Jordan Creek, PA: It is part of the Jorden Creek Greenway. The park offers a variety of recreational activities. It is a perfect place for people who love hiking, trail biking and jogging. This is also an ideal place for nature study and bird watching. If you love fishing then you should come to Jordan Creek Parkway.
• Cedar Creek Parkway East: This Park runs along the Cedar Creek. Spread in an area of 37.5 acres it is a great place for recreational activities. If you love fishing then it’s a haven for you to catch trout fish. It is also a fantastic picnic spot with several picnic tables along the creek.

Other Whitehall Attractions

Other attractions around the Troxell-Steckel House-Farm Museum are as follows:
• Troxell Farms
• Coplay Kilns
• Allentown Historical Museum

Troxell-Steckel House-Farm Museum is an ideal place for you if you are a history lover. Besides visiting this historical place you get to see so many attractions here. The parks, farms, and museums are worth visiting once. So when you are in Whitehall Township you are in for a treat.

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