Turn your aches and pains into making gains!

Allow me to Introduce myself!

My name is Thomas Fraind, I’m a doctor of physical therapy and have been exercising and weight training since I was 13. It’s become a part of my daily life routine. I get many patients who ask me specific things I do to be fit, but the number one question I get is: “what is the single most important thing you need to do to get into shape?”

I’ve had years to think about this question and realized there actually is a single factor that is most important. There is no substitute for this, and is an integral component to include in your quest to achieve a healthy and active body.


Its true, exercising correctly with enough intensity is important. However, there are many different types of exercises that, if performed correctly, will get you the results you want. I don’t always have complicated workouts. I like to keep things simple and just work hard at every gym session. Because there are so many variations to working that actually work, there is not a single answer as to what type of exercise is best.


For diet, I certainly watch what I eat and restrict total calories. Once you get a good idea on how much, and what type of nutrients you need, you can customize your diet up tremendously and still get great results. There is not a single answer as to what the best diet is, either.every time I exercise.


The single most important key to getting into shape is consistency.

Every day you need to work towards your goals and follow the individualized plan established for yourself. While It’s important to put forth enough effort and time into your diet & exercise, it needs to be done every day or you won’t reach your goals. There is no other interpretation or variation available for this, consistency is key.

However, there are legitimate reasons why people can’t stay consistent. Other than not having enough time or motivation, the number one reason why people can’t stay consistent is that they are in pain.

What a Pain!

Aches and pains force you to slow down, take days off, and lose your routine. While taking a break sounds reasonable, it doesn’t need to happen. As a doctor of physical therapy and somebody who has consistently maintained a healthy lifestyle for the majority of their life, I can tell you that there are ways to continue to safely progress around pain.

Exercises are meant to be modified specific to your needs so you can safely stay active around the pain. Using proper rehabilitation to the area of injury, establishing an individualized diet plan designed to combat inflammation, and staying consistent with your exercise routine will accelerate your recovery and get you back to your normal state of health without compromising consistency.



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