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Physical Therapy is a fast growing and popular field, with Catasaqua area therapists treating a variety of conditions, while also providing preventative therapies. Most people will seek out or require physical therapy in their lifetime due to injury, disease, or disability. The Lehigh Valley offers a wide choice of physical therapy facilities to address any issue you may have. You’ve probably heard of LVHN physical therapy Trexlertown, St Luke’s physical therapy, and Good Shepherd rehab Allentown pa are all well-known facilities, but you’ve searched for physical therapy near me, looking for a better option. You may have searched Lehigh University physical therapy, to find locations near the college, which is especially helpful if you are a student suffering from a sports related injury. We offer multiple locations to offer you the best care and make it convenient.

What Conditions Can Physical Therapy Treat?

There are many chronic conditions and diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis that carry with them symptoms impacting mobility. Physical therapy can address balance and flexibility issues and improve muscle strength and movement patterns, leading to a better quality of life. Physical therapy is also a means of preventing or lessening the need for surgery. Surgery can be uncomfortable and inconvenient with long recovery times. With early intervention, physical therapy can provide non-invasive approach involving exercise, manipulation, strengthening and stretching that may improve and even reverse your condition. If you do require surgery, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy in Catasaqua to increase strength and reduce recovery time.

Physical Therapy for Heart Conditions in Catasaqua
Physical therapy is beneficial for those suffering from heart disease or recovering from cardiac surgery. Therapy focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness and utilizes low impact aerobic exercise like walking and bicycling. These exercises will also help improve pulmonary conditions by increasing your activity levels. You may have tried some of the Lehigh Valley health network locations in the past, but now you searched physical therapy facilities near me for facilities like ours that offer a more personal level of care to treat these conditions.

What Age Groups in Catasaqua Need Physical Therapy?

Baby Boomers
Studies have shown that the baby boomer population in Catasaqua is the largest user of physical therapy services. Age-related symptoms like muscle aches and pains cause many people to seek out treatment. Therapists use various techniques to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with these ailments, which may include manual techniques such as joint and soft tissue manipulation and massage. Electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat and cold therapies may also be used. If you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain, check out our locations before going to a facility like Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown pa, Good Shepherd physical therapy or St Luke’s physical therapy and get relief.

Physical Therapy for Athletes
Younger athletes are another demographic in Catasaqua that uses physical therapy on a regular basis to treat and prevent sports related injuries. During an evaluation of a patient, a therapist can determine locations of weak or inflexible muscles, which could lead to injury. With strengthening and flexibility exercises, athletes can avoid potential injuries and perform better. If an injury does occur, physical therapy can help rebuild muscle, control pain, and restore movement in the affected area. At one point, some of the only options people were familiar with were the LVHN facilities, including Lehigh Valley health network locations like 707 Hamilton St Allentown, PA located in the same building as an LVHN fitness center. College students now have options and frequently search for Lehigh University physical therapy to find a provider in the area.

InPatient vs OutPatient Physical Therapy in the Catasaqua Area

Physical therapy includes both inpatient and outpatient services. Those patients requiring more intensive care before returning to their home environment in Catasaqua may seek out an inpatient facility, so they have access to post surgery care, which typically includes physicians from a variety of disciplines, along with their physical therapy needs. LVHN inpatient rehab is a well-known provider in the Lehigh Valley if you’re looking for inpatient physical therapy.

If you’re able to function without assistance at home in Catasaqua and have transportation, you can take advantage of one of the our superior outpatient facilities in the Lehigh Valley. Patients in this category typically have less severe conditions and benefit from a program consisting of stretching, strengthening and range of motion exercises. Reducing or eliminating pain so you can return to normal activities is the goal of physical therapy for outpatient rehabilitation. If you’re were considering providers like Good Shepherd, you most likely searched and saw our 5 star reviews were superior to those of the Good Shepherd rehab reviews. We recommend you read up to learn more about what others have experienced.

Types of Therapy
There are many different types of therapies supported by facilities in Catasaqua and the Lehigh Valley. The most common include physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

What Does Physical Therapy Treat?
Physical therapy is concerned primarily with the health of muscles, tendons and cartilage associated with the musculoskeletal system, although this discipline also treats other conditions. Chronic illness, disease, and disability can also benefit from a program designed around improved balance and flexibility. Physical therapists in Catasaqua are trained to determine if your condition requires the expertise of a specialist and will refer you to a physician if they feel symptoms fall outside of the musculoskeletal system and confirmation is necessary. When you visit a well-known facility like Good Shepherd physical therapy or one of our convenient Lehigh Valley health network locations in the Lehigh Valley, you can discuss your symptoms with a trained physical therapist and get the care you need.

Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy
Occupational therapy is used to help Catasaqua patients perform tasks associated with daily living. Eating, bathing, and dressing are functions that can be improved with movement training and muscle strengthening. Other events like driving, cooking and recreational activities that directly affect quality of life can also be improved with physical therapy exercises and training. There are many providers for occupational therapy Lehigh Valley for you to choose from. Good Shepherd occupational therapy is a well-known provider of this service.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy helps Catasaqua patients communicate more effectively and swallow properly There are many Lehigh Valley health network locations that offer speech therapy. We may be able to help if you need a recommendation.

What to Know Before Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Before going to your first Catasaqua appointment, it’s beneficial for you to understand what to expect and what information you need to take with you. By arriving early, you will have the opportunity to fill out any necessary paperwork to be reviewed by your therapist before the start of your session. This may include questions concerning your condition and health history, insurance, and contact information. When making your first appointment with us at any of our Lehigh Valley health network locations, you can ask specifically what is required for you to provide.

Wear the Proper Clothing
It’s important to choose clothing that will enable you to move freely during physical exercise and range of motion testing. Clothing should also allow for visual observation and touch of the affected area.

Know and Share Your Medical History
Be ready to provide detailed comments on your condition, including when your pain first began, what activities or movements exacerbate your symptoms, and any treatments you may have received prior to this visit. Your therapist will look to understand your medical history as it relates to past surgeries, other medical conditions, current medications, and any concerns you may have relating to therapy. Your physical therapy goals will be determined before a program is created to treat your condition.

What to Expect of the First Visit
During the first visit, your Catasaqua area physical therapist will also be taking range of motion measurements to determine flexibility and movement, necessary to determine the heath of muscles, ligaments and tendons. These measurements will serve as a guide for the creation of your physical therapy program. Our therapists at our Lehigh Valley health network locations are trained to gather the information necessary to build a program customized to your specific needs.

Customized Therapy Programs
Your customized program may include weight training, aerobic exercise, stretching, and strengthening, along with techniques like electric stimulation, massage, and ice therapies to reduce inflammation and discomfort. After discussing your specific goals, your Catasaqua area therapist can be sure your program is consistent with your expectations. Many people have used our personal care to successfully reach their rehabilitation goals.

You will be completing exercises designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility. It’s normal to experience discomfort after a physical therapy session because you’re using the area that is causing you pain. As you progress through your program and become stronger, you will notice a decrease in discomfort.

Physical therapy is aimed at decreasing or eliminating pain or discomfort related to normal wear and tear, disease or disability. If you find you are suffering with pain that affects your normal activities, be sure to visit our physical therapy facility near Catasaqua today and start a rehabilitation program to get back on track.

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