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Physical Therapy is not Just for Injuries If you find yourself not able to enjoy normal activity levels due to pain or discomfort causing mobility issues, it might be time to see a physical therapist. Physical therapy is aimed at reducing and/or eliminating discomfort that prevents you from normal levels of activity. Transform Rehabilitation of the Lehigh Valley offers many facilities and provides at home care designed to meet your specific needs. We are the convenient, affordable, personalized alternative to other centers for Lehigh Valley physical therapy in Allentown PA. You’ve obviously heard of the big guys like St Luke’s physical therapy, and Good Shepherd rehab Allentown PA. If you’ve searched for Lehigh Valley health network locations to find a physical therapy facility associated with LVHN, or you’ve simply searched physical therapy near me in the recently, you’ve likely seen other providers as well. We are the convenient, affordable, personalized alternative to other centers for Lehigh Valley physical therapy in Allentown PA and Lehigh Valley physical therapy in Bethlehem PA.

Why Choose Transform Rehabilitation as your Physical Therapy provider?
Aside from our One on One Care, All Major Health Carrier Acceptance, available House Calls, and wellness centered focus, Transform’s private practice offers a more affordable, personalized approach with the best knowledge and expertise in the area. We understand Physical Therapy is not only used after injury or to help with recovery following surgery. Age related aches and pains can be improved and even reversed with physical therapy, and the likelihood of a fall can be greatly reduced through flexibility and balance training. When looking for a provider you can google physical therapy near me to find many facilities in the Lehigh Valley. Choose Transform Rehabilitation for a customized program to fit your specific needs.

Medical Issues our Physical Therapy can Help with
Physical therapy is not only used to treat injuries or help with recovery after surgery. It is also prescribed for chronic conditions and diseases that affect mobility,like osteoarthritis, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Sclerosis that affect mobility. With the use of movement trainingand range of motion exercises, physical therapy can help patients improve their quality of life and remain active.

Prevent Surgery and Boost Recovery with Physical Therapy
Physical therapists also use techniques to aid in the prevention of surgery. Many conditions can be greatly improved and even eliminated so that surgery is not needed. If a patient does require surgery, participation in pre surgery physical therapy to strengthen muscles will help with a faster recovery. After surgery, physical therapists work with patients to maintain muscle strength and flexibility and prevent muscle atrophy.Searching Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown PA and Lehigh Valley physical therapy Bethlehem PA will provide you with many physical therapy facilities to choose from. St. Luke’s physical therapy and Good Shepherd physical therapy are two providers you mightbe familiar with; however, Transform Rehabilitation’s new and growing practice may be the best option for you. We offer individualized programs tailored to your unique condition, with one on one personalized care and a focus on overall wellness.

Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular Fitness and Pulmonary Health
People suffering with heart disease or recent cardiac surgery can benefit from aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling to reduce blood pressure, and lessen the risk for future issues. Pulmonary conditions can be improved with the use of rehabilitation exercises designed to help with breathing. Activities may include breathing exercises to improve lung function, light stretching and strengthening, and include movement training to help patients better manage routine activities, work, and social interactions. Check out Transform’s Lehigh Valley health network locations for physical therapy facilities near me if you need help in these areas.

Helping All Generations, Regular People, and Athletes
Although baby boomers make up the largest demographic seeking the benefits of physical therapy for age-related aches and pains, people of all age groups have access to this service. Younger athletes often find themselves with sports related injuries and require physical therapy to increase flexibility, improve muscle health, and remain active. You can visit one of our convenient Lehigh Valley health network locations in both Whitehall and New Tripoli. We are conveniently located in several of the same buildings as some of the larger therapy and fitness centers.
Physical Therapy to Help Muscle and Joint Pain
One of the most common benefits of physical therapy is the reduction or elimination of muscle and joint pain. Therapists may use techniques like electric stimulation and ultrasound in combination with manual therapy methods like joint and soft tissue mobilization. These treatments help to alleviate pain and increase mobility. Don’t let a subpar experience from another facility like Coordinated Health or St Luke’s physical therapy stop you from getting the help you need. If you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain, visiting one of our therapists after searching Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown PA, can help you to feel better and get back on track quickly.

Types of Therapy – Inpatient and Outpatient by Severity of Injuries

Inpatient Physical Therapy
Patients who are unable to care for themselves in their home environment are many times forced to choose an inpatient facility for their physical therapy needs. This is the best choice if you require a collaborative effort with your physical therapist and medical team to treat your condition. If you or a family member requires inpatient care, LVHN inpatient rehab is a well-known provider in the Lehigh Valley

If your difficulty is centered around an inability to travel or lack of transportation, Transform, unlike most providers, offers In Home Physical Therapy. Schedule a home session with us today and get help with physical therapy home assistance.

Outpatient Physical Therapy
Patients who do not need inpatient care can benefit from physical therapy at an outpatient facility. Customized therapy programs may include stretching, strengthening, and range of motion exercises. Aerobic exercise and resistance training are also used to help patients resume normal activities. If you’re looking for outpatient physical therapy facilities in the Lehigh Valley, Good Shepherd outpatient rehab Allentown pa, Good Shepherd Bethlehem, and Good Shepherd rehab Allentown are well-known providers.Transform Rehabilitation may be a good choice if you’re looking for personalized, one on one therapy that offers experienced therapists, competitive pricing and convenience. If you’re looking outside of the Lehigh Valley, Good Shepherd has alternate locations, including Good Shepherd rehab Stroudsburg pa and Good Shepherd Souderton.

There are therapies other than physical therapy which target the improvement of various conditions. Although physical therapy is the most common, occupational and speech therapies are also widely practiced.

Types of Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is primarily concerned with musculoskeletal system function. Conditions treated with therapy are often related to the normal aging process and can benefit from a customized exercise program that includes stretching strengthening and range of motion exercises. Physical therapy is also used to improve mobility and function for those suffering from chronic illness, disease, and disability. There are many Lehigh Valley physical therapy Allentown pa and Lehigh Valley physical therapy Bethlehem pa facilities which can provide skilled physical therapy tailored to your specific needs.

Many disorders have symptoms that mimic the discomfort of arthritis or musculoskeletal injury. Physical therapists are trained to evaluate your condition and determine if it’s necessary for you to visit a physician for a medical diagnosis. Medications can also interact with muscle, ligament and tendon health, which may call for a collaborative effort between your therapist and physician. Be sure to visit a well-known facility like Good Shepherd physical therapy} located at 850 South Fifth Street Allentown, PA 18103 or one of the many Lehigh Valley health network locations in the Lehigh Valley if you need physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is aimed at improving the quality of life of patients who have difficulty performing everyday tasks like eating, bathing and dressing. Tasks like driving, shopping and participation in recreational and social activities can also be improved with movement training and the use of assistance devices like canes and walkers. There is much occupational therapy Lehigh Valley for you to choose from. Good Shepherd occupational therapy is a well-known provider of this service.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy is used to help improve communication and aid in swallowing. Many speech afflictions begin in childhood, while others are the result of injury or illness like stroke or muscular sclerosis. There are many Lehigh Valley health network locations that offer speech therapy.

What to Expect When Beginning Physical Therapy
It’s beneficial to understand what to expect at your first physical therapy appointment. Arriving early will give you time to complete necessary paperwork and provide proper identification, proof of insurance if applicable, and contact information. Be prepared to list any medications you’re taking and have a doctor’s prescription handy if needed. You can contact any of the Lehigh Valley health network locations and ask them what you should bring to your first session.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is recommended, as you will be participating in range of motion exercises and other movement activities. Your physical therapist should be able to visually inspect and touch the affected area.

The first part of your initial evaluation will include your therapist asking you questions related to your condition. They will ask what first caused your discomfort, what activities increase or decrease the pain, and how your mobility has been affected. You will also be asked to confirm any medications you’re taking, any past surgeries, and any treatments you may have received. Treatment goals will also be discussed.

After the therapist has gathered information relating to your condition, they will take specific range of motion measurements to determine strength and flexibility. The health of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons will also be evaluated.

A customized program will be created for you after the therapist has evaluated your medical history and their findings during the exam. Your program may include low impact aerobic exercise, resistance training, and stretching. Many people have used Transform’s Lehigh Valley health network locations to successfully reach their rehabilitation goals.

If you’re experiencing discomfort that leads to a decrease in normal activity and function, seeking treatment through physical therapy can be extremely beneficial. Give us a call after you’ve searched for physical therapy near me to find our facility in the Lehigh Valley and schedule a free consultation. We can provide you with a customized physical therapy program to reduce or eliminate your pain and keep you active.