Physical Therapy After Joint Replacement

Importance of Physical Therapy After Joint Replacement 

After getting joint replacement surgery, some may think that there joint problems are over. Unfortunately, this is not going to be the case. Despite the fact that new joint replacement surgeries use innovative plastics and metals seeking Emmaus physical therapy is going to be crucial. Your new joint is going to need proper and consistent attention, proper mobility work and exercises. 

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Why Physical Therapy is Important

Luckily, joint replacement surgeries now a days have a significant lower recovery time. In fact you will have the ability to start being active soon after surgery. Although this is great news, this does not mean that Emmaus physical therapy should be pushed to the side. Becoming active soon after surgery will lead you down a path to a more successful future for you and your newly replaced joint. Emmaus physical therapist will immediately get you going on a program that reduces the chances of future complications, such as blood clots. In fact, Emmaus physical therapists  will get you active the day of surgery, meeting you in the hospital and getting you prepared even before you have left. 

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What Physical Therapy Will Entail

Emmaus Physical Therapy will start the day of or day after surgery because the new joint will be able to get active the day of. Initially, the workouts will commonly be at home workouts in order to declare whether or not you can move around the house and meet regulated range-of-motion objectives. These workouts should last around 2-3 weeks until you will began an outpatient treatment with an Emmaus physical therapist. Although this may seem like a stressor to you, joint replacement patients attend 5-7 Emmaus physical therapy visits which is far fewer than what it would have been just years ago. 

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The Hope – Speedy Recovery
If you find yourself in need of some additional help, consult an experienced physical therapy professional in your local area. If that area happens to be the the Lehigh Valley, Transform Rehabilitation would be glad to help you get back to your normal, active life.

Talk to the Physical Therapists at Transform Rehabilitation. They can advise you on the most effective treatment for your joint replacement program. For more details, visit our services page. To make an appointment, click here.

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