Pain Management Techniques

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In most instances, we tend to ignore pain and keep on working but before it gets out of hand, it is best to try some home remedies until you manage to get an appointment with a pain management specialist in the Lehigh Valley or beyond.  Seeking help from the right place such as Transform Rehabilitation, Lehigh Valley wellness center is extremely important. Finding help from someone with whom you are comfortable talking about your problem is a must.


Until getting assistance from Transform Rehabilitation, Lehigh Valley Wellness Center, consider the following remedies.

Meditation 1

Nutrition and Exercise:

A proper diet and exercise routine will reduce whole body inflammation and decrease pain.  There are many solutions for weight loss in the Lehigh Valley such as seeking help from the registered dietitians at Transform Rehabilitation.  Weight loss can easily be achieved with the help of a professional whether you are in the Lehigh Valley or beyond. 

Cold and Heat:

This method has been relieving people of their acute pain for ages. Until you get time to visit an expert, try either cold or heat to reduce your acute pain.   Try applying heat or ice to the affected area for 20 minutes at a time.  If it still does not feel better after applying ice or heat, contact a physical therapist at Transform Rehabilitation.

Mind-body techniques:

Meditation, deep-breathing, and several other mindfulness exercises are known for helping us to get control over our body and emotions.  Although western medicine has given us more advanced pain management options, mind-body techniques are still well-known to help in times of need.


Yoga is an integrated version of meditation, mindfulness, and exercise; hence, this is one of the most effective ways to reduce pain. Besides strengthening your bones and muscles, Yoga is widely known to help people suffering from arthritis and chronic pain.

Physical therapy:

If none of the home remedies have reduced your pain, the Physical therapists at Transform Rehabilitation, Lehigh Valley wellness center are experienced and trained professionals who guide you through meaningful exercises that further helps you to get back your strength and reduce pain.  They will ask you a bunch of questions to find out the core reason behind your problem. After that, they will frame a schedule for you according to your convenience, taking into account your daily lifestyle.

These methods and techniques are just a handful of the home remedies capable of sorting out your places of discomfort. There are a number of other options which you can find out easily by consulting a medical professional from Transform Rehabilitation, pain management in Lehigh Valley.

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