Ontelaunee Park – The Perfect Holiday Destination for You and Your Kids

Planning to go on a short trip but don’t know where? There are so many destinations around the world that attract millions of tourists from around the world. Some are famous for the natural habitat while some are a haven for adventure lovers, and some are great recreational getaways. But if you have kids, then choosing a destination too close to nature or an adventure hub is something that may not be very wise. What we do know however, is kids love activity, and there is usually nothing better than taking them to park. Have you heard about the magnificent Ontelaunee Lake and Park? It is an ideal choice for you and your kids.

Established in the year 1929, Ontelaunee Park is a fun space for people of all age groups. It is one of the most famous picnic spots in Heidelberg Township, Northampton county PA. But what makes it so unique? There are several attractions in Ontelaunee Lake Park which you can check out with your family. These attractions are quite cool and interesting enough for your whole family to spend a good day on. One interesting piece of history is at one time the park had a dedicated team of baseball players. The team used to compete and win against other baseball teams nearby.

How Did Ontelaunee Park Come Into Existence?

Ontelaunee Lake Park was started by Mr. Synder, who was the owner of New Tripoli Garage. It was bought from the local farmers of that area as the construction work began. Construction went on for an extended period of time to create the sand bottom pool. Slowly over time, it became a popular hotspot for families, and at present it attracts a large number of people from nearby localities. Ontelaunee Lake Park offers an excellent time to families with live western music, a swimming pool, and exciting rides.

The Ontelaunee Park train was purchased years back, but soon, it will be operational after the restoration work is completed. Mind you, this train is no ordinary train because it holds sentimental value in the hearts of several residents in that region. The train will be based on the modern outlook of the New Tripoli Station. Apart from this, you can take a look at Fort Everett. It was the only fort in that region back in its time. It was destroyed in the war. But visitors can check out the remains of the fort from outside.

You might also be interested in buying little souvenirs of your trip. For that, you can take part in the Ontelaunee Park yard sale. You can get an array of items usually at cheap prices and take back home some memorabilia. Moreover, the quality of the products is not bad.

Now that you know all about Ontelaunee Lake and Park, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags to get ready for a fantastic trip to this heritage spot. You won’t regret your decision of planning a trip here. Your kids will certainly love it, and you’ll enjoy a good time too. It’s a great family outing spot you must visit at least once.

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