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Tired of sitting inside? Ready to learn a new way of moving that improves balance, coordination and improves your quality of life? Transform rehabilitation is excited to start outdoor Tai chi foundation classes on Mondays outside of the the Whitehall clinic! (the rain date will always be the following Wednesday) These classes will be taught by our very own Steve Guthrie, who has over 10 years of practice and teaching experience of Tai chi and yoga.

Tai chi is a unique form of martial arts that emphasizes refining the quality of movement to the highest degree possible.  When practiced with this intention, Tai chi has the power to heal the practitioner physically, emotionally and mentally to raise the spirit and improve quality of life.   The motions of Tai chi are driven by the movement of internal energy or chi and is referred to as an internal art. Before the practitioner learns to connect complex movements in a graceful manner, he or she must learn foundational movements to enhance mind-body connection in order to fully embrace the depth and breadth of Tai chi, the grand ultimate art.

Over Steve’s 10 years of practice experience, he has learned complimentary internal arts that enhanced his practice and understanding of Tai chi.  The energy work of ChiKung helps one gain awareness of internal energy through breath and intention.  The circle walking of Bagua helps to connect the upper and lower body through its animal inspired movements. The 5 element boxing form of Xingyi helps unite the body through understanding fundamental stances.  These practices will be taught as fun warmups to prepare the body for the 13 postures of Tai chi. You will learn this simple Tai chi form that can be practiced any time, anywhere with numerous health benefits. 

Tai chi can be practiced as a healing art or a martial art. As a healing art, Tai chi becomes a moving meditation where the practitioner observes his or her body grow more healthy and vibrant through intentional coordinated movements. Numerous studies have shown regular Tai chi practice can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve balance and coordination. Taichichuan refers to the martial art, where the practitioner learns to move without tension to sense his or her opponent’s energy and casually defend and attack with the least amount of effort possible. Understanding the martial applications of Tai chi helps to refine the quality motion to an even higher level.

The Tai chi foundations class will be taught in a casual friendly environment where all levels are welcome. The focus will be on practicing Tai chi for health benefits and inspire students to begin a sustainable home practice. Tai chi movements can be modified for every level, from the elderly trying to improve balance to the athlete looking to improve explosive power and agility. Call 484.387.1065 to reserve your spot for class!

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