Fullerton Memorial Community Center Guide

Community Centers are an integral part of our local neighborhoods in modern life. They not only host public gatherings, but also host many other types of events such as social parties, recreational activities, sports activities, and too many other things to mention here. If you are in Pennsylvania and are looking for a relaxing stay with the experience of a local touch, then a visit to the suburbs of Allentown and the Fullerton Memorial Community Center is what you need. In the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, there is the locality known as Whitehall Township. In this first-class township, you will find the Fullerton Memorial Community Center which is very popular among the locals as well as the tourists coming in from different States.

What Goes On at Fullerton Memorial Community Center?

Being part of the Whitehall Township recreation slate, Fullerton Memorial Community Center hosts many events every year. Whitehall township in itself is popular and favorite among the tourists coming from nearby states. The Whitehall Parkway, the Whitehall Lifestyle Center, the Whitehall parade route are all must-see places here. Besides this, the main thing to attend when you are in Whitehall Township is the Whitehall Fall Festival 2019 and this coming year 2020 along with the very popular Whitehall Halloween Parade 2019. If you want to witness something happening in the Whitehall Township then plan your getaway as per the scheduled dates for Halloween parade and the Fall Festival.

Fullerton Parks Activities

Whitehall township is a good place to be because there are so many parks and activities happen here simultaneously. Some of the parks around Whitehall recreation system are spread in large area and a lot of sports and games are organized and played here:

Places Where Sports Activities in Fullerton Memorial Community Center:
Parkview Pool Hokendauqua, PA: Hokendauqua Park is spread in an area of around 10 acres and there are basketball courts and baseball fields situated here.Besides this several other activities are also organized here.
Egypt Memorial Park baseball: Egypt Memorial Park is a very big park spread in an area of around 17 acres in the northwest zone of the Whitehall Township Recreation System. There are two basketball courts, four baseball fields, a play lot, a pavilion and an enclosed building that are available for rent.
Schadt Avenue Baseball: Schadt Avenue Playground is spread over 17 acres of land. The park has four soccer fields, four baseball fields, two basketball courts, a football field and a play lot.
Hokey Basketball Whitehall, PA: Whitehall Township also boastsseveral sports activities, Hokey basketball is one such sports activity you can enjoy here.
Jordan Pool Whitehall, PA: It consists of trails and walkways for ¾ to 3 miles along Jordan Creek. Several activities are held here all year long.

Facilities You Will Find Around Fullerton Memorial Community Center:
Fullerton Park Rentals: Regarding the rentals, you can check the social media pages of the community center. All the rentals for different events and social gatherings are available online. You can check for available bookings and also about when the community center is open and closed.
Fullerton Park Wedding: Looking to book a venue for a wedding? Fullerton parks are one such great destination to host a wedding. There is ample space and facilities to arrange everything necessary for a wedding that will make guests comfortable and able enjoy the event.
Fullerton Events Center: Fullerton events center let you plan and organize an event of any size. Many bands, NGOs, and concerts are organized here.

Parks in and around Fullerton Memorial Community Center:
There are so many parks and places to visit around the Fullerton Memorial Community Center. Some of the parks are as follows:
Acacia Park Fullerton
Kolapechka Park
Egypt Memorial Park Whitehall, PA
Garnet Neighborhood Center
Vista Park Fullerton

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