Fellowship Community Manor Nursing Home of Whitehall PA

Fellowship Manor is the skilled nursing home of the Fellowship Community that is located at the junction of Manor Dr and Fellowship Dr in Whitehall, PA 18052. include personal care, independent living, memory support, nursing, and short-term rehabilitation for its residents.

Fellowship Terrace which is a part of the Community is located on . It provides quality assisted living services to its people. The experienced staff of the Fellowship Terrace treats the residents as their family. They assist people in bathing, grooming, and dressing, and more.

There are many well known in Pennsylvania. All of these apartments provide great care and beautiful facilities to their residents. Some of the famous apartments include Willow Crest apartments, Mickley Run apartments, and the Orchard Hills apartments.

Fellowship Community Events for Whitehall

Every year fellowship community organizes various events and functions for its people. It allows people to show their talent and skills in relevant public functions.

The for example was one of the most creative events organized in the Lehigh Valley in 2019. Many of the craft experts inside Fellowship Manor and others from outside of the organization participated in this great event. Besides the Craft Show, many other wonderful events take place every year for the entertainment of the people of Fellowship Manor.

The is another popular event that takes place every year. The tournament sets up numerous matches between different teams. Talented and enthusiastic local golf players participate in this event and show their playing abilities off to the world.

The new residents in the Manor cite special importance to the importance of reviews in choosing this special retirement community. The reviews, given by residents and family of , clearly show the facilities great care and services that are offered year after year.

Fellowship Manor has also created a page which a lot of people follow. The community posts important announcements and notices on the Facebook page that help it’s readers to know more about what’s happening.

Fellowhip Careers

If you want to become part of this professional community, that are available are listed for nearby residents of the Lehigh Valley. The main purpose of this community is to serve those who need special care and attention.

Other Nursing homes to visit in Pennsylvania

Besides Fellowship Manor, there are many other , which are providing excellent and caring services and facilities to their residents. Some of the most famous nursing homes are Claremont nursing, , the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania, and .

If you are looking for you should give the Whitehall Manor a chance. One big plus of this facility is that there are many shopping malls and restaurants near this home for the enjoyment of people.

The is another assisted living home located at 1177 6th St, Whitehall, PA 18052. It is also known for providing excellent, caring facilities to the seniors and to those who struggle to live independently.

The Lehigh Valley is the home of many productive nursing and caring homes. Many nursing homes are offering their valuable services to their residents. Some of the are Lehigh Center, Manorcare Health Services, and Kirkland Village.

is another well known nursing home with apartments that offers independent living, personal care, memory care, and rehabilitation. It is located in the Lehigh Valley and is very close to attractions like Dorney Park, local museums, theatres, etc.

Another nursing facility, the is located in Bethlehem, PA. This village is a known as a beautiful and calm place, especially for older adults. The staff is very experienced and cooperative. It provides home experience and quality services to its year round live in residents.

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