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The Last Foothold

Athletic clothing has become increasingly popular due to the improvements in stretchable fabrics, and culturally being considered more fashionable. More people are now able to move freely and enjoy everyday life as if they were naked. A great advancement we’ve made in our society. However, there is still a piece of clothing worn daily by almost everyone which constrains and limits your body’s ability to move freely. Your shoes! Fine motor movements of your feet are inhibited significantly while wearing shoes. It doesn’t matter how much arch support you have, if It’s a minimalist type shoe, or anything. Shoes, boots, and even some sandals have a strong fabric tied around your foot squeezing everything together. The constraint around a foot caused by footwear limits the intrinsic foot musculature’s performance, resulting in loss of fine motor control and its ability to exert functional use. Not to mention entire deformities to the feet after long term use. GROSS

Think about if you were to wear a straight jacket at all hours of the day. How much do you think you would use your arms and body if you couldn’t use them to act functionally? You wouldn’t. You would work around, compensate, and find other ways to get things done. Your feet do the same thing in shoes, making their job much more difficult to be functional than it needs to be.

The Main Control

When you’re standing, walking, running, or jumping you’re using every muscle in the body, and they all serve an important purpose in the performance of those tasks. However, there is only one body part that will ruin the entire performance of these activities if there are any weaknesses or instability. Your feet. 

Your feet are in direct contact with, and interact with the environment around us more intimately than any other part of our body. Fine motor movements of the foot controls the entire body above it while bearing weight. Any small movement in your foot can drastically change your overall position and posture. The implications are simple: People who have good control of their feet, have good control of their whole body.

A Deadly Combo

This poses a significance issue to our health. There is an astounding prevalence of people who chronically wear constraining footwear over the only body part that can single handedly (or footedly) exert the most control over the entire body. The implications are shocking when you think about how deadly falls are to the older population. How many times do you think footwear use had been responsible for deadly falls? The societal norm of wrapping our feet up tightly in a shoe for long durations of the day, deforming the most important body part for balance and mobility is a much bigger factor and is more responsible for fall related deaths than we all realize.

Not So Fast!

Let’s also not forget how chronic footwear use negatively affects the performance of higher level athletes. Basketball shoes, running shoes, and all other athletic shoes are all designed to be worn tightly because it creates extra support to your foot that helps improve performance. This tight fitting may help you perform better at the moment of use because of the extra support it provides, but it also takes away the need of your foot to be as strong as the rest of your body. The chronic use of these shoes are making your feet weak, and you’re only as strong as your weakest link. 

when your feet are weak it limits your ability to express strength and explosiveness. Your brain is where all your power is dictated. If your brain doesn’t feel stable down at it’s foundation, where you’re in direct contact with the environment, your brain will not express maximal strength and explosiveness to your movements. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taught somebody basic foot mobility, strength, and coordination drills and their athletic performance improves instantaneously. limiting foot constraint, stretching the feet to a more natural form, re-activating the intrinsic foot musculature’s coordination and strength is the simplest and fastest way of improving the way you move.

Free Your Feet

At transform rehabilitation we used cutting edge technology and research to develop the most comprehensive and up-to-date foot performance program. Our foot performance evaluation creates an individualized assessment and plan of care to work specific for your needs. You should get a jump start  by molding your feet back to the shape it was designed to be by ordering one of our TOE SPACERS. Click here to Spread ’em now!


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