Importance of Core Strength for Runners

Are you injured frequently with running?

Do you find yourself exerting a lot of effort to run at a pace that’s easy for others?

It Might Be A Weak Core!

Runners are not typically concerned with getting a set of shredded 6 pack abs. However, most runners are concerned with improving their running efficiency and preventing injuries. Having a strong core can help with both.

ab roll out

Injury Prevention

Having a stable core can prevent injuries because it limits erroneous movements of the spine and pelvis during the running cycle. A stronger core will enable a spine and pelvis to stay more ridged during the impacts of running. Having good posture enables everything connected to the spine to maintain normal position (Hips, Knees, Ankle, Feet, Etc). Joints, tendons & ligaments will remain in optimal positions throughout the running cycle, preventing them from getting into injury prone positions.

Improving Running Efficiency

A strong core can also improve your running efficiency by increasing the force you push off the ground with each stride while exerting the same amount of effort. This increase in force generation occurs when the core is stiff because it doesn’t bend or wiggle as much, which causes it to absorb less energy each time you push off the ground. This means more force will be transferred to the ground with each step, increasing your speed with the same amount of effort. A strong core is also responsible for maintaining optimal posture for longer periods of time to improve running mechanics even when you get tired.

Plank On Elbows

Core Exercises

You might be be wondering what core exercises are good for running, or are concerned that you may hurt yourself while trying to strengthen your core. I would suggest trying plank exercises first. Planks are a low risk, high reward exercise. The risk for injury is low, while the rewards are significant. Take a look at the plank exercises shown below.

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