Reasons to Check Out Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery

Planning a trip to a nearby winery is surely going to be a day you will remember for a very long time. It would be even more special for you if you are a wine lover. So if you are in Pennsylvania and looking for suggestions to the wineries near me search query, you’re in for a marvelous treat to your sensitive pallet’s taste buds. There are many wineries in Pennsylvania and one very popular winery is located in Andreas near New Tripoli in Pennsylvania.

We are talking about Blue Lizard Winery and Vineyard which is a popular spot for tourists in the region. It is conveniently located on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail between Lizard Creek and the Blue Mountains. Just like other wineries in the region, such as the Galen Glen Winery, it has the perfect location for the cultivation of grapes. Grapes require ideal temperature because near perfect weather plays a key role in the proper growth of grapes; which then makes for the best wine in the region. Blue Lizard Winery and Vineyard is known for its hospitality and is one of the main reasons why people flock to this winery.

Blue Mountain Winery Events to Look Out For!

Just like Blue Mountain Winery, there are several events that you can look out for at the Blue Lizard Winery and Vineyard. One of the most famous Blue Lizard Winery Events is their wine tasting event. It is bliss for you if you are a wine lover. You will be able to taste different kinds of wines that are not available at other places. The red wine collection includes Pinot Noir, Hindseitz, and Chambourcin, while the white wine list includes favorites such as Drunkin Love. You can also get fruit wine and dessert wine at Blue Winery.

Apart from the trademark wine with the lizard logo of the Blue Lizard Winery, you will get to enjoy wines in an affordable price range. In case you’re still torn over whether to visit the Blue Lizard Winery and Vineyards or not, you can check out the reviews online. Most of the reviews are available on the Blue Lizard Winery Facebook page. It has 4.0 stars out of 5 on average. There are always various events happening at this popular winery.

Some people have asked recently if the Blue Lizard Winery for sale rumor was true. We’ve not been able to confirm this, so we’ll keep you posted if we learn more. As we said before, it’s offerings make it a haven for all wine lovers and the variety of wines available here is worth tasting. Perhaps it will be a very nice buy for an aspiring vineyard owner as well.

So what are you waiting for? There might be several wineries in town, but you only need to visit the ones you’re really interested in. When you search for wineries near me, Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery will always be at the top of the results. We suggest you plan a weekend trip to this delightful winery on a holiday with your loved one. It’s the perfect getaway after a long hectic week! Not only you will get to relax and refresh, but you’ll know how your favorite wine is prepared and the tradition behind it.

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