Bear Rocks Travel Guide in New Tripoli Pennsylvania

If you are looking to spend a day filled with fun and numerous activities and especially if you have kids around then Bear Rocks and Bear Rock Junction is a place you won’t want to miss. For those of you who have included Pennsylvania State in their list of places to visit, you can find a lot of activity at Bear Rocks and the Junction. There are two 9-hole mini-golf courses and live steam train rides. If you love playing real golf then try your hand at 18 holes. There are a bunch of courses nearby in the Lehigh Valley. It’s the right place for you. When you’ve tired after playing some holes, you can satiate your hunger with some finger licking good food.

Food and an Array of Activities at Bear Rocks in New Tripoli

Food is not a problem here, and sneaking in an ice-cream with the kids is even more fun. If you love go-karts then get into a Bear Rock junction go-kart and enjoy your day. It’s a fun activity for both kids and parents to chase each other down. If you are more into shooting things, then gear up with your team to show your skills in the paintball range. The paintball range is one very fun way to release the stress and test your shooting ability. Bear Rocks junction is a great fun place for all of your family and friends during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. You can get Bear Rock junction coupons for all the activities and explore the Bear Rocks Preserve trail in New Tripoli PA. There is also an amazing Bear Rock Junction car show in the summer which you don’t want to miss.

You won’t have to struggle with parking in the Bear Rocks trailhead parking area. It’s quite large to accommodate the many visitors. Once you reach the Bear Rock junction enquire about the Bear Rock junction coupons and check all the Bear Rock junction menu to satiate your hunger once you get tired from some activity. If you are coming from the Altoona area, you can take the Pennsylvania State Game Lands 106 Rd via Loganton/Buckhorn and cover a distance of around 196 miles to reach Bear Rock Junction. If you’re coming from points south in Pennsylvania, you can take another route via Huntingdon, Lewistown, Duncannon, and Harrisburg. This route is 186 miles long and it will take you around 3 to 4 hours to reach Bear Rock Junction. On the way, you can visit the Hawk Mountain Appalachian Trail area.

Places Nearby Bear Rock Junction That You Can Visit

The best thing about Bear Rock Junction is that it’s not only a great place for you to visit when you have kids along, but it’s also a haven for all people who love adventure, mountains, and trails. You can plan to visit trails like the Pinnacle Trails and Knife’s Edge Appalachian Trail. If you are not familiar with the roads, you can take a copy of the local map for the Appalachian Trail Lehigh Valley and then plan accordingly. Bake Oven Knob, Appalachian Trail, Blue Mountain Vineyards & Cellars, George Schmidt Berry Farm, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery, Historic Race Street, Trexler Nature Preserve, and more are all some of the places nearby to Bear Rocks junction. It really is a must-see place.

You can get more info about this great singles and family destination through the Bear Rock junction Facebook page. Signing up enables you to get updates through their social media page. Bear Rocks and the Bear Rock Junction are near the Knob, so you won’t have much trouble finding them. You can check the Appalachian Trail map Lehigh Gap and use GPS. On the way, you will see many other stunning places and trails which you can cover extensively if you have the time to spend.

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